Woolsey My name is Lauren Woolsey, and I am a fourth-year Ph.D Candidate in the Astronomy Department of Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, currently working with Dr. Steven R. Cranmer and Dr. Alyssa Goodman on solar wind research. I have been an NSF Graduate Research Fellow since Spring 2013.

About Me

My first love is astrophysics, but I also have a fondness for German and minored in the subject as an undergraduate. I lived in the German cluster of UMD's language house for three years and I lead the Dudley House German Language Table (Stammtisch) to retain my fluency.

I am an avid player of all board and card games. I own over 100 different tabletop games, and I have recently started working on an idea I have had for years for an astronomy-themed board game. It is called "Stars, Inc." and you can find out more at the website for the company I co-founded: CGS Unit LLC.