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Updated February 2015: Current Teaching Portfolio

See below for a summary of my college teaching experiences, and the sidebar at left for additional tutoring/education/outreach experiences.

Astronomy 16: Spring 2013

Stellar and Planetary Astronomy
David Charbonneau
Harvard University

Led two lab sections throughout the semester with a total of ten students. Comments from student evaluations:

Lauren is, without a doubt, the absolute best TF I have ever encountered at Harvard. She was always available and supportive, and her explanations were always straightforward and easy to understand. I would not have gotten through this class without her!!

Lauren was like an astronomy saint. A brilliant heliophysicist herself, she was extremely well-equipped to help with every question and concept. And, even more importantly than that, she is an excellent teacher and communicator, and had a brilliant knack for explaining difficult concepts in creative ways to students. She went above and beyond the call-of-duty every week, helping me outside of her own review sessions and office hours to finish p-sets and prepare for exams.

Won Bok Center Teaching Award for earning above a 4.5/5.0 on overall student evaluation responses.

SPU 19: Spring 2012

The Energetic Universe
Robert P. Kirshner
Harvard University

Led two discussion sections of approximately 15 students each. Comments from student evaluations:

Lauren did an outstanding job of truly taking an interest in the learning of her students. She exhibited a genuine mastery of all the subject matter and was always able to tackle questions and foster discussions that went beyond the required syllabus. More importantly, she has an uncanny ability for effectively imparting this knowledge as an instructor. Lauren is among the best TFs I have had in more four years at Harvard. Please accept this as the highest possible recommendation.

I feel very lucky to have Lauren as my section leader, especially given the importance of sections - it is in section that all materials come together and Lauren not only does a superb job at doing so, but she also enriches our understanding by presenting other materials and patiently answering student's questions.


ASTR 100: Spring 2010

Introduction to Astronomy
Douglas P. Hamilton
University of Maryland

Took over a discussion section of 40 students one month into the semester. From a student:

I just wanted to take an opportunity to say that Lauren has done a truly amazing job in being a TA. Her comprehensive coverage of the material and explanation really stood out in my 3 years here as a student. Not only am I more interactive in discussion and learn more, but I felt much better prepared for my exam.


ASTR 100: Fall 2009

Introduction to Astronomy
Stacy McGaugh
University of Maryland

Led two discussions of approximately 30 students each. (Note: I do not have access to the student evaluations from this class)