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★New Survival Function Analysis of Planet Size and Orbit Distributions”. Zeng, Jacobsen, Sasselov, Vanderburg. (handout) (arXiv) (arXiv)

★New Exoplanet Radius Gap Dependence on Host Star Type”. Zeng, Jacobsen, Sasselov. (ADS link)

★New Eyes on K2-3: A system of three likely sub-Neptines characterized with HARPS-N and HARPS”. Damasso, Bonomo, ..., Zeng, et al. (arXiv)

★New LPSC: 48th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (LPSC), the Woodlands, Texas, March 20-24, 2017. Oral Presentation of LPSC abstract 1576 titled "Planet Size Distribution from the Kepler Mission and Its Implications for Planet Formation" at 2:40pm on Thursday, March 23, 2017, at Waterway Ballroom 5. (ADS link)

A Simple Analytical Model for Rocky Planet Interior”. Li Zeng, and Stein B. Jacobsen. ApJ, 837, 164, 2017. (ADS link) (PDF) (PDF)

Variational Principle for Planetary Interiors”. Li Zeng, and Stein B. Jacobsen. ApJ, 829, 18, 2016. (ADS link) (PDF)

Kepler-21b: A rocky planet around a V = 8.25 magnitude star”. Mercedes Lopez-Morales, Raphaelle Haywood, Jeffrey Coughlin, Li Zeng, Lars Buchhave, et al. AJ, 152, 204, 2016. (ADS link) (PDF)

Mass-Radius Relation for Rocky Planets based on PREM”. Li Zeng, Dimitar D. Sasselov, and Stein B. Jacobsen. ApJ, 819, 127, 2016. (ADS link) (PDF)

mrtable / mrtable2 / mrtable3

Characterizing K2 Planet Discoveries: A Super-Earth Transiting the Bright K Dwarf HIP 116454”. Andrew Vanderburg, Benjamin Montet, John Johnson, Lars Buchhave, Li Zeng, et al. ApJ, 800, 59, 2015. (ADS link) (PDF)

Kepler-93b: A Terrestrial World Measured to within 120 km, and a Test Case for a New Spitzer Observing Mode”. Sarah Ballard, William Chaplin, David Charbonneau, Jean-Michel Desert, Francois Fressin, Li Zeng, et al. ApJ, 790, 12, 2014. (ADS link) (PDF)

The Effect of Temperature Evolution on the Interior Structure of H2O-rich Planets”. Li Zeng and Dimitar D. Sasselov. ApJ, 784, 96, 2014. (ADS link) (PDF)

A Detailed Model Grid for Solid Planets from 0.1 through 100 Earth Masses”. Li Zeng and Dimitar D. Sasselov. PASP, 125, 227, 2013. (ADS link) (PDF)

Table 1 / Table 2 / Table 3

Fe-MgSiO3 p0-p1/p0 table / Fe-MgSiO3 p0-CMF table / Fe-MgSiO3 p0-CRF table

MgSiO3-H2O p0-p1/p0 table / MgSiO3-H2O p0-CMF table / MgSiO3-H2O p0-CRF table

Fe-H2O p0-p1/p0 table / Fe-H2O p0-CMF table / Fe-H2O p0-CRF table

A Computational Tool to Interpret the Bulk Composition of Solid Exoplanets based on Mass and Radius Measurements”. Li Zeng and Sara Seager. PASP, 120, 983, 2008. (ADS link) (PDF)

Matlab code: ExoterDE(M, Munc, R, Runc) / ExoterDB(M, Munc, R, Runc)

Publication in Preparation

Elemental Abundance Model of Rocky Planets”. Li Zeng, Stein B. Jacobsen, and Dimitar D. Sasselov.

Platinum as Tracer for Late Veneer Mixing into Early Mantle”. Li Zeng, Stein B. Jacobsen, and Dimitar D. Sasselov.

On the Origin of High Shear Wave Velocities in the Deep Roots of Cratons”. Li Zeng (Harvard), Megan Duncan (Carnegie Inst.), Joshua Garber (UCSB), Jean-Alexis Hernandez (ENS Lyon), Satish Maurya (IPG Paris), Hongluo Zhang (USTC), Ulrich Faul (MIT), Catherine McCammon (U. of Bayreuth), Jean-Paul Montagner (IPG Paris), Louis Moresi (U. of Melbourne), Barbara Romanowicz (UC Berkeley & IPG Paris), and Lars Stixrude (U. College London). American Geophysical Union 2016 Annual Meeting Conference Abstract. Presenting in Session DI31A (Abstract #: 126871) on Wednesday, 14 December 2016, 8am-12:20pm.


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