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The IRAC Extragalactic Journal Club is an informal group that has been meeting since January 2004 (the onset of the nominal operations phase for Spitzer) to discuss recent articles pertaining to extragalactic infrared astronomy, particularly those that are relevant to the science programs being carried out by the IRAC science team here at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. Meetings are usually held in the ISC at 160 Concord Ave. To receive Journal Club announcements, send an e-mail to Matthew Ashby.

This page shows the 2004 meeting schedule.

Date Presented byTitleLinks
2004 Jan 13 M. AshbyFaint 6.7 micron Galaxies and Their Contributions
to the Stellar Mass Density in the Universe
Sato et al 2003, astro-ph/0312114
2004 Jan 27
P. Barmby The Gemini Deep Survey: III.
The Evolution of Galaxy Stellar Masses
Related papers: astro-ph/ 0310437 | 0311045
2004 Feb 17 J. Huang The Bulk of the Cosmic Infrared Background Resolved by ISOCAM
by Elbaz et al, 2002
2004 Mar 9 Z. Wang Starburst and AGN activity in ultraluminous infrared galaxies
by Farrah et al, 2003
2004 Apr 13 Hora Number Counts of Bright Extremely Red Objects: Evolved Massive Galaxies at z~1
by Vaisanen and Johansson
2004 Apr 27 Fazio A Deeper View of Extremely Red Galaxies: the Redshift Distribution in the GOODS/CDFS ISAAC Field
by Caputi et al
2004 May 10 Kewley A demonstration of Mappings III/Starburst99 (Demo in ISC)
2004 June 29 Smith 1. An IRAS High Resolution Image Restoration (HIRES) Atlas of All Interacting Galaxies in the IRAS Revised Bright Galaxy Sample, by Surace et al
2. The gas content of peculiar galaxies: strongly interacting systems, by Casasola et al, astro-ph- 0405112
3. Are intereactions the primary triggers of SF in dwarf galaxies?, by Brosche et al, MNRAS, 349, 357 2004
Surace et al: ADS | PDF
Casasola et al: astro-ph | PDF
Brosche et al: PDF
2004 July 27 Marengo Smoking Quasars: A New Source for Cosmic Dust.
Can we detect the smoke with IRAC?
Elvis et al (2000): ADS | PDF
Elvis et al (2002): ADS | PDF
2004 August 31 T. Rengarajan Ultra Compact HII Regions and Star Formation
2004 Sept 21 M. Pahre PaperI: The Infrared Spectral Energy Distribution of Normal Star-forming Galaxies: Calibration at Far-Infrared and Submillimeter Wavelengths,
by Dale & Helou 2002, and
Paper II: Warm dust and aromatic bands as quantitative probes of star-formation activity,
by Schreiber et al 2004.
Paper I: ADS | PDF
Paper II: ADS | PDF
2004 Oct 5 S. Willner PaperI: The Optical and Near-infrared Properties of Galaxies.
I. Luminosity and Stellar Mass Functions,
by Bell et al 2003 ApJS 149, 289, and
Paper II: Stellar Mass-to-light ratios and the Tully-Fisher Relation, br> by Bell and de Jong 2001 ApJ, 550 212.
Paper I: ADS | PDF
Paper II: ADS | PDF
2004 Nov 16 Z. Wang Simulations of Dust in Interacting Galaxies,
a Ph.D. thesis by Patrik Jonsson (2004), UCSC
Thesis PDF
2004 Dec 21 J. Hora Spectral energy distributions and luminosities of galaxies and AGN
in the SPITZER SWIRE Legacy Survey
by Rowan-Robinson etal, accepted by the ApJ. Currently on astro-ph/0412184.
astro-ph | PDF

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