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The IRAC Extragalactic Journal Club has been meeting informally since January 2004 (the onset of the nominal operations phase for Spitzer) to discuss recent articles and issues pertaining to extragalactic infrared astronomy. The emphasis is particularly on topics that are relevant to the science programs being carried out by the IRAC science team here at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. Meetings are usually held in the ISC on the 2nd floor of 160 Concord Ave. To receive Journal Club announcements, send an e-mail to Matthew Ashby.

Our next meeting is scheduled for noon on Tuesday, April 24, when H. Smith will lead a discussion of recent IRS results.

Date Presented byTitleLinks
2006 January 24
S. Willner First Detection of PAHs and Warm Molecular Hydrogen
in Tidal Dwarf Galaxies
by S. Higdon, J. Higdon, and J. Marshall (accepted by the ApJ).
2006 March 7
H Smith IRAC Diagnostics of Interacting Galaxy Evolution - a work in progress
Infrared Spectroscopy of LIRGs
Dust in AGN and SBGs
ISO Observations
Infrared Spectroscopy of ULIRGs
Circumnuclear Structure
16 um Imaging of HDF-N
2006 March 28
M Geller Tidally Triggered Star Formation in Close Pairs of Galaxies
Metallicity and Nuclear Star Formation in Nearby Galaxy Pairs
2006 April 11
M Pahre Mid-Infrared Imaging and Spectroscopy of Elliptical Galaxies
(two recent papers: astro-ph/0511328 and astro-ph/0602014)
Mid-IR Emission from Ellipticals,
by Temi et al
Stellar Silicate Emission in early type galaxies,
by Bressan et al
2006 Sept 19
G Fazio Spitzer Cycle 3 GTO/GO Review and Cycle 4 Planning Kickoff
2006 October 10
H Smith The Herschel Mission
Herschel Links
2006 October 17
M Schuster IRACproc -- or, how to optimally reduce your IRAC BCDs
SPIE paper
PPT presentation
Example commands
2006 November 14
Z. Wang Near-Infrared and Star-forming properties of Local Luminous Infrared Galaxies
by Alonso-Herrero et al
2006 November 28
J Huang Probing the Evolution of IR Properties of z~6 Quasars: SPITZER Observations
by Linhua Jiang et al 2006, AJ 132, 2127.
2006 December 5
H. Smith Herschel Key Project Planning Links TBD
2006 December 19
P. Barmby The Mid-Infrared Spectrum of Star-Forming Galaxies:Global Properties of PAH Emission,
by J. D. Smith et al (SINGS), 2006, and
Mid-IR Galaxy Classification Based on Silicate Obscuration and PAH Equivalent Width,
by Spoon et al 2006
2007 January 23
J. Hora New Results from Spitzer Observations of the LMC SAGE overview
(Meixner et al 2006)
Evolved stars
(Blum et al 2006)
SSC Press Release
2007 March 6
M. Marengo,
P. Barmby
The Mysterious Reddening of the Lower Main Sequence in 47 Tuc
(group discussion)
2007 March 20
S. Chakrabarti Simulating Merging Galaxies: The Infrared View
2007 April 24
H. Smith IRS Observations of LINERS, QSOs, Seyferts, and IGs: some new papers

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