Meng Su’s Home

My name is Meng Su (Meng is my first name). I’m currently a joint Pappalardo/Einstein Fellow at MIT Physics and Kavli Institute for Astrphysics and Space Research. Prof. Max Tegmark is my wonderful host at MIT.

I received my PhD from Harvard University in 2012, worked with Prof. Douglas Finkbeiner. I have also been working with Prof. John Kovac on the BICEP telescopes, which is a series of experiments at South Pole detecting CMB polarization with highest sensitivity. BICEP2 recently announced very exciting discovery of CMB B-mode polarization at degree scale! In my first two years graduate study, I mostly worked with Prof. Matias Zaldarriaga before he moved to IAS.

My research interests include, broadly, high energy astrophysics and cosmology, with a focus on CMB, gamma-ray astronomy, dark matter search, and cosmic-ray physics. My career has been very exciting (thanks to everyone I have been working with!). It’s fun to find a pair of gigantic bubbles covering ~10% of the full sky and NOT know before (NASA press release). The “Fermi bubble” discovery has been selected by APS as one of the top ten physical news in 2010, and recently awarded the Bruno Rossi Prize!


The most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is comprehensible.              

                                          ---Albert Einstein

credit: NASA

CMB observations at South Pole

Photo credit: Yuqi Qin