Matthew G. Walker

Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
60 Garden St., MS-51
Cambridge, MA 02138

Curriculum Vitae
Press Coverage

Selected Papers:

"Constraining Self-Interacting Dark Matter with the Milky Way's Dwarf Spheroidals."  J. Zavala, M. Vogelsberger, M. Walker, ArXiv:2012.6426 (MNRAS in press)

"The Coupling Between the Core/Cusp and Missing Satellite Problems."  J. Peñarrubia, A. Pontzen, M.G. Walker, S.E. Koposov, 2012, ApJ, 759L, 42

"A Statistical Method for Measuring the Galactic Potential and Testing Gravity with Cold Tidal Streams."  J. Peñarrubia, S.E. Koposov, M.G. Walker, 2012, ApJ, 760, 2

"Dark Matter in the Milky Way's Dwarf Spheroidal Satellites."  Walker, M.G.,  ArXiv:1205.0311 (review, to appear as book chapter)

"A Method for Measuring (Slopes of) the Mass Profiles in Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies."   Walker & Peñarrubia, 2011, ApJ, 742, 20  (see also 'press coverage' above)

"Accurate Stellar Kinematics at Faint Magnitudes: application to the Bootes I dwarf spheroidal galaxy."   Koposov, Gilmore, Walker, Belokurov, Evans, Fellhauer, Gieren, Geisler, Monaco, Norris, Okamoto, Peñarrubia, Wilkinson, Wyse, Zucker, 2011, ApJ, 736, 146

"Dark Matter Profiles and Annihilation in Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies: Prospectives for Present and Future Gamma-Ray Observatories."   A. Charbonnier, C. Combet, M. Daniel, S. Funk, J.A. Hinton, D. Maurin, C. Power, J.I. Read, S. Sarkar, M.G. Walker, & M.I. Wilkinson, 2011, MNRAS, 418, 1526, ,

"Dark Matter in the Classical Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies: A Robust Constraint on the Astrophysical Factor for Gamma-Ray Flux Calculations."  M.G. Walker, C. Combet, J.A. Hinton, D. Maurin, & M.I. Wilkinson, 2011, ApJ, 733L, 46W

"Binary Stars as Probes of Dark Substructure in Dwarf Galaxies."  Peñarrubia, Koposov, Walker, Gilmore, Evans, & Mackay, submitted to MNRAS, arXiv:1005.5388

"Comparing the Dark Matter Halos of Spiral, Low Surface Brightness and Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies."  Walker, McGaugh, Mateo, Olszewski, & Kuzio de Naray, 2010, ApJ, 717L, 87

"The impact of dark matter cusps and cores on the satellite galaxy population around spiral galaxies."  Peñarrubia, Benson, Walker, Gilmore, McConnachie & Mayer, 2010, MNRAS, 406, 1290, 2010, MNRAS, 406, 1290

"Big Fish, Little Fish: Two New Ultra-Faint Satellites of the Milky Way."  Belokurov, Walker, Evans, Gilmore, Irwin, Just, Koposov, Mateo, Olszewski, Watkins, & Wyrzykowski, 2010, ApJ, 712L, 103

"Massive Black Holes Lurking in Milky Way Satellites."  Van Wassenhove, Volonteri, Walker & Gair, 2010, MNRAS, 408, 1139

"Searching for Dark Matter in X-rays: How to Check the Dark Matter Origin of a Spectral Feature."  Boyarsky, Ruchayskiy, Iakubovskyi, Walker, Riemer-Sorensen, Hansen, MNRAS, 407, 1188, 2010, MNRAS, 407, 1188

"A Universal Mass Profile for Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies?"  Walker, Mateo, Olszewski, Peñarrubia, Evans & Gilmore, 2009, ApJ, 704, 1274

"Tidal Disruption of Globular Clusters in Dwarf Galaxies with Triaxial Dark Matter Halos."  Peñarrubia, Walker & Gilmore, 2009, MNRAS, 399, 1275

"Segue 2: A Prototype of the Population of Satellites of Satellites."  Belokurov, Walker et al.  2009, MNRAS, 397, 1748

"Leo V: Spectroscopy of a Distant and Disturbed Satellite."  Walker et al.  2009, ApJ, 694L, 144

"Cores and Cusps in Dwarf Spheroidals."  Evans, An & Walker, 2009, MNRAS, 393L, 50

"Stellar Velocities in the Carina, Fornax, Sculptor and Sextans dSph Galaxies: Data from the Magellan/MMFS Survey."  Walker, Mateo & Olszewski, 2009, AJ, 137, 3100

"Clean Kinematic Samples in Dwarf Spheroidals: An Algorithm for Evaluating Membership and Estimating Distribution Parameters When Contamination is Present."  Walker et al., 2009, AJ, 137, 3109

"Systemic Proper Motions of Milky Way Satellites from Stellar Redshifts: The Carina, Fornax, Sculptor and Sextans Dwarf Spheroidals."  Walker, Mateo & Olszewski, 2008, ApJ, 688L, 75

"Leo V: A Companion of a Companion of the Milky Way Galaxy?"  Belokurov, Walker et al.  2008, ApJ, 686L, 83

"A Common Mass Scale for Satellite Galaxies of the Milky Way."  Strigari et al.  2008, Nature, 454, 1096

"The Velocity Dispersion Profile of the Remote Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy Leo I: A Tidal Hit and Run?"  Mateo, Olszewski & Walker, 2008, ApJ, 675, 201
"Velocity Dispersion Profiles of Seven Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies."  Walker et al.  2007, ApJ, 667L, 53

"The Michigan/MIKE Fiber System Survey of Stellar Radial Velocities in Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies."  Walker et al.  2007, ApJS, 171, 389

"On Kinematic Substructure in the Sextans Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy."  Walker et al.  2006, ApJ, 642L, 41

"The Nature of the Density Clump in the Fornax Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy."  Olszewski et al.  2006, AJ, 131, 912

"Internal Kinematics of the Fornax Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy."  Walker et al.  2006, AJ, 131, 2114

"Estimating Dark Matter Distributions."  Wang, Woodroofe, Walker, Mateo & Olszewski.  2005, ApJ, 626, 145

Click here for Full Data Tables from Magellan/MMFS Survey of Stellar Velocities in dSph Galaxies
(2009, AJ, 137, 3100)