Stellar Velocities in the Carina, Fornax, Sculptor and Sextans dSph Galaxies: Data from the Magellan/MMFS Survey

M.G. Walker, M. Mateo & E.W. Olszewski
2009, AJ, 137, 3100

The following files contain complete electronic data Tables 2-5 from the paper.  These tables contain one line per observation, so stars with repeat observations are listed on multiple lines.  Headers explain columns and format.

Table 2 (Carina)
Table 3 (Fornax)
Table 4 (Sculptor)
Table 5 (Sextans)

The following files contain tables that do not appear in the paper, but which may be convenient for analysis.  These tables contain only one line per star.  For stars with repeat observations, the listed values are weighted means.  Headers explain columns and format. 


These data tables are also available at Mario Mateo's website at U. Michigan:

See also the companion paper:

Clean Kinematic Samples in Dwarf Spheroidals: An Algorithm for Evaluating Membership and Estimating Distribution Parameters When Contamination is Present
M.G. Walker, M. Mateo, E.W. Olszewski, B. Sen, & M. Woodroofe
2009, AJ, 137, 3109

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