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Bob Babcock's Bookmarks

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o Astronomy Sites, Viewing, News Items, References,
o Astronomy/Math/Physics Orgs
o Center for Astrophysics Stuff
o Cryptography, Privacy, Secure Computing and Legal Issues
o Diabetes
o Financial services
o Freeware collections
o Ftp sites
o Ftp sites (specific software packages)
o Games and recreation
o Hardware support and info
o Humor
o Images
o Info Searches
o Languages
o Magazines and Journals
o Massachusetts
o Mathematics
o Misc stuff
o Multimedia
o Nasa Home Pages
o News
o Newspapers
o Online courses
o Online shopping (not in work pages)
o Radio/TV stations, Movies, Broadband
o Religion is Evil
o Science in the Public Interest
o Software support
o Space Missions, Nasa and other
o Universities
o US Government Sites and Info
o Weather
o World Wide Web Info

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