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o ADS Abstract Service
o ADS Abstracts for A & A
o ADS Abstracts for Instrumentation
o ADS Abstracts for Physics & Geophysics
o ADS digital book library
o Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences

Chemistry and periodic tables

o American Elements Technical information about each element and advanced materials sales
o Dynamic Periodic Table
o Periodic Table from Los Alamos National Laboratory's Chemistry Division
o Web-Elements periodic table


o Acronym Finder
o Experts Exchange
o FedEx package tracking
o h2g2 - Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Earth Edition
o OneLook Dictionaries
o Thomas Register
o UPS United Parcel Service
o UPS tracking
o US Zip codes
o Webopedia Online Dictionary for Computer and Internet Terms
o Wikipedia Free encyclopedia that anyone can edit
o Zip code lookup US Postal Service

Legal torrents

o Torrent search
o Legit Torrents
o Public domain torrents
o TorrentFreak
o VODO Free, legal torrent movies


o Harvard Libraries and Museums
o Library of Congress
o Open Library
o Project Gutenberg 53,000 books no longer covered by copyright


o Bad patents
o Free Patents Online
o freePat Script for retrieving patent documents
o Google patent search
o Patent and Trademark Office
o Sumobrain Was fee-based, now free

Phone numbers

o Online Yellow Pages and Business Directory
o Anywho Forward and reverse telephone lookup
o Big Yellow Nynex yellow pages
o NANPA: North American Numbering Plan Administration All about area codes
o US Search Reverse lookup and other searches
o Verizon SuperPages
o Visual Yellow American Internet Yellow Pages


o Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects
o e-Print archive at LANL
o JPL Technical Report Server
o NTRS NASA Technical Reports Server (searchable)
o VizieR Star catalog browser




o Google Groups
o Nzbindex

Web Search Engines

o bing Bing's not Google
o C|Net
o CIA Library
o Dogpile
o Excite
o Google Probably the best search engine
o HotBot
o Internet Archive Public domain movies, sounds, text and the Wayback Machine
o LookSmart
o Lycos
o MetaCrawler
o Startpage The world's most private search engine
o WebCrawler
o Wolfram Alpha
o Yahoo Search

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