Cryptography, Privacy, Secure Computing and Legal Issues

o 2600 The Hacker Quarterly
o Access Data Commercial decryption utilities, mostly for word processing programs
o Bokler Cryptographic Software
o CDT privacy demonstration page What does your web browser reveal when you make a connection?
o CERT tips for securing home networks
o Complete port number list
o Cryptome
o CyberLaw
o Diceware PGP passphrase generation
o DNS Stuff Assorted online DNS lookup tools
o DShield Distributed Intrusion Detection System
o eEye Digital Security
o EFF Privacy, Security, Crypto & Surveillance archive
o Electronic Frontier Foundation Protecting Freedom Where Law and Technology Collide
o Foundstone scanning tools
o Gallery of CSS Descramblers
o Gibson Research Shields Up!
o Handbook of Applied Cryptography by Menezes, Oorschot and Vanstone full text in PDF format
o InfraGard Guarding the Nation's Infrastructure
o International PGP Home Page
o Internet Health Report
o ITAR civil disobedience Export a 3-line Perl script and become an illegal arms trafficker
o Known plaintext attack on PKZip encryption (slow) software implementation for MS-DOS and unix
o Lavasoft Ad-aware scanner
o List of startup applications
o Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification
o Microsoft Security Vulnerability Research and Defense blog
o Microsoft TechNet Security Center
o Intrusion Reporting and Response
o National Do Not Call Registry
o National Fraud Information Center
o Netware Hacking FAQs
o Oxford University Crypto ftp
o Paul Kocher's Cryptography.Com page
o Port list by Kurt Seifried
o Russian Password Crackers
o SANS System Administration, Networking, and Security
o Secunia
o Security Focus
o Spybot Search and Destroy Adware/Spyware remover
o Stupid Security
o Talisker Computer Network Defense Operational Picture
o Tenable Security Nessus vulnerability scanner
o Top 100 network security tools
o Trojan and Remote Access Service Ports
o vCenter Protect (formerly Shavlik) NetChk patch management
o vCenter Protect (formerly Shavlik) Community
o vCenter Protect (formerly Shavlik) XML announcements
o Wikileaks
o WWW Security FAQ

o Antivirus info

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