I am a NASA Sagan Fellow at Harvard College Observatory in the United States. I obtained my PhD in 2015 at the University of St Andrews, UK. My research focuses on the detection and characterisation of small, rocky planets around other stars than our Sun (exoplanets).
In particular, I am developing new analysis techniques for exoplanet radial-velocity observations to determine precise and accurate masses of small planets in the presence of stellar activity. The presence of magnetic features on the surfaces of the host stars naturally produces radial-velocity signatures, which become entangled with the radial-velocity signal of the planet's orbit.

Here are a couple of recent posts that describe my work in more detail:
UK Solar Physics nugget: The Sun as an Exoplanet Host Star. I am using observations of the Sun (our best-known star) to explore the physical processes responsible for radial-velocity variations induced by the magnetic activity of the host stars.
This Astrobites blog post, written by Ben Montet, explains the new analysis technique that I developed for my PhD to determine reliable masses for the planets orbiting the active Sun-like star CoRoT-7.

CV and publications:

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