Dr. Raffaella Margutti




Eruptions, disruptions and explosions in our Universe!!

My research focuses on the  biggest explosions that occur in our Universe: Supernovae and Gamma-Ray Bursts. Both phenomena signal the catastrophic death of stars, leading to the birth of exotic compact objects like neutron stars and black holes. Investigating the high-energy  (UV, to X-rays and gamma-rays) properties of these explosions, I want to understand the physical processes that cause such a dramatic energy release in a matter of seconds!

Working field: 
High-energy astrophysics

UV, X-Rays, gamma-rays
objects of interest:
Gamma-ray bursts
Tidal disruption events
terrestrial gamma-ray flashes

Harvard SN forensics team
Swift-SN team
Swift associate Scientist @ harvard
Contact Info
Email: rmargutti@cfa.harvard.edu
Office: Perkin-310, 60 Garden Street, MS 51, Cambridge, MA 02138 (USA)
Tel (office): 617-4957672 mailto:rmargutti@cfa.harvard.edushapeimage_2_link_0
Highlighted  results:

A panchromatic view of SN2009ip reveals the explosive ejection of the envelope of a massive star

Margutti et al., 2013

The Gamma-Ray Burst  Universal scaling

Margutti et al., 2013, MNRAS, 428, 729

SN2012au: the link between super-luminous SNe and their lower-luminosity counterparts

Milisavljevic, Margutti et al., ArXiv: 1304.0095 (ApJ in press)

GRB111117A: one of the highest redshift SHORT GRBs, found in a star forming galaxy 

Margutti et al., 2012, ApJ, 763, 63

The “very clean” environment around the Type Ia SN2011fe constraints its progenitor system

Margutti et al., 2012, ArXiv:1202.0741

Flares in SHORT GRBs

Margutti et al., 2011, MNRAS, 417, 2144

X-ray flares and prompt pulses of GRBs share a common origin

Margutti et al., 2010, MNRAS, 406, 2149


Current Position:

Harvard Post-Doctoral Fellow

Harvard Astronomy Dept.

Institute for Theory

and Computation (ITC)

Main Working Area:

Supernovae, Gamma-Ray Bursts

Scientific Interests:
Gamma-ray burst universal scaling
Margutti, 2013, MNRAS,  428,  729
5-minute presentation on SN2009ip
Listen to the sonification of SN2009ip