CfA Web Page of Rurik A. Primiani

60 Garden Street, MS 78
Cambridge MA 02138
Room M-247


  I am currently working at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory as a summer intern under the supervision of Dr. Jonathan Weintroub. Our work involves integrating the Submillimeter Array into VLBI observations of the galactic center, specifically the compact radio source Sagittarius A*.

In particular, my task is to complete the digital framework needed to allow all of the SMA's eight telescopes to participate in observations next year. I have a burgeoning interest in digital signal processing for the purposes of radio astronomy and, if funds become available, I plan to continue working at the CfA into the fall or until our next VLBI observation is made.

I recently graduated from MIT with a Bachelor of Science in Physics and I plan to attend graduate school within the next three years. In spite of the oftentimes confusing weather I greatly enjoy Cambridge and hope to stay in the area for as long as I can.