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The purpose of this meeting is to discuss exoplanets and exoplanetary
system science in the GMT era and to identify the observational
capabilities that will take best advantage of future opportunities.
This is an open meeting, and all interested parties are welcome to
attend. Topics will include (but are not limited to) Doppler Spectroscopy,
Planetary Atmospheres, Direct Imaging, Protoplanetary Disks,
Microlensing Follow Up and Interactions with Theory.

Scientific Organizing Committee:
David Latham, Chair (CfA)
Gaspar Bakos (Princeton)
Jacob Bean (Chicago)
William Cochran (Texas)
David Charbonneau (CfA)
Phil Hinz (Arizona)
Lisa Kaltenegger (MPIA/CfA)
Andres Jordan (Catolica)
Ruth Murray-Clay (CfA)
Byeong-Gon Park (KASI)
Francesco Pepe (Geneva)
Dimitar Sasselov (CfA)
Andrew Szentgyorgyi (CfA)
Chris Tinney (UNSW)
Guillermo Torres (CfA)