*Astronomy 206. Stellar Physics

Computer Codes and Tables

The computer codes and tables provided below are for use in the A206 coursework. You are welcome to make copies and customize them if you wish. Some of the codes are simple, self-contained, and single-file, other are professional grade [PG] packages consisting of many files and tables. Each code/package comes with a DESCRIPTION and README files, but often you need to refer to comment text within the code for details. They are all written in Fortran. Generally, the graphic representation of the output is left up to you.
These codes come with no warranties, although they have been checked and known to perform correctly. There is always parameter space in which each of them will fail without warning. It is always up to you and your physical intuition to assess the output.

CODES (click here):

*zams/ - a code to model hydrogen zero-age main sequence stars.

*evolA/ - a simple code for stellar evolution of models which develop a helium core and have a hydrogen envelope.

*evolB/ - a basic code for stellar evolution up to the "helium flash" only [PG].

*evolC/ - a complete code for stellar evolution (new update 04/2001)[PG].

*wd/ - a code which integrates a white dwarf structure at zero T.

*puls/ - a code which solves for radial and nonradial adiabatic pulsation.

*hydro/ - a radiation hydrodynamics code (pulsating atmospheres in 1-D) [PG].

*multi/ - a multi-level non-LTE radiative transfer code for moving or static stellar atmospheres [PG].

*dusty/ - a (1-D spherical symmetry) radiative transfer code for dust [PG].

*poly/ - a code which integrates polytropic models.

CODES from "Astrophysical Simulations" on the 486 PC:

*Stellar Structure - a simple ZAMS structure code.

*Stellar Atmosphere - an LTE code to calculate model stellar atmospheres.


*HIPPARCOS (/data/catalogs/hipparcos/ on cfa0.harvard.edu) - contains very high quality astrometric and photometric data, on 118218 and 1058332 stars, respectively (ESA, 1997).

*BSC5 (/data/catalogs/BSC5.m4 on cfa0.harvard.edu) - 5th Yale Bright Star Catalog V magnitude < 4.

*CNS3 (/data/catalogs/CNS3 on cfa0.harvard.edu) - 3rd Catalog of Nearby Stars (Gliese & Jahreiss).