Hill, K. W., Biglari, H., Bitter, M., Barnes, C., Cranmer, S. R., von Goeler, S. R., Goldston, R., Grek, B., Hsuan, H., Johnson, D., Stevens, J., Taylor, G., Zweben, S. 1989, ``Search for a Suprathermal Tail on TFTR Soft X-Ray Spectra, and Implications for Transport,'' Bull. Am. Phys. Soc., 31st Annual Meeting of the Division of Plasma Physics, 3F6, p. 1964.


The degree of distortion of the electron distribution function from Maxwellian may indicate whether the transport is predominantly electrostatic or electromagnetic. A bump on the tail of the distribution function at E / Tc ~ R / Ln would be evidence of (electrostatic) collisionless trapped electron mode turbulence. In previous experiments non-thermal spectra in T-10 and Alcator-A were interpreted, respectively, as evidence of magnetic-ripple- and magnetic-fluctuation-driven transport. Soft x-ray spectra from three chords of ohmic and beam-heated TFTR discharges are examined up to 50 keV for evidence of non-thermal distributions. The x-ray temperatures are compared with Thomson-scattering data. The theoretical bases for the above interpretations, and the TFTR data will be discussed.

Ken Hill and Manfred Bitter:

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