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Astronomy 201a (Fall 2012): Stellar and Planetary Astrophysics

Dr. Onno Pols from Utrecht wrote an excellent set of textbook-level notes on stellar interiors (i.e., stellar structure, thermodynamics, and nuclear fusion) and stellar evolution. Local copies of the notes are provided here, grouped into 5 PDF files (each containing more than one chapter):

1. Introduction
2. Mechanical and Thermal Equilibrium
3. Equation of State of Stellar Interiors
4. Polytropic Stellar Models

5. Energy Transport in Stellar Interiors
6. Nuclear Processes in Stars

7. Stellar Models and Stellar Stability
8. Schematic Stellar Evolution: Consequences of the Virial Theorem

9. Early Stages of Evolution and the Main Sequence Phase
10. Post Main Sequence Evolution Through Helium Burning
11. Late Evolution of Low and Intermediate Mass Stars

12. Pre-Supernova Evolution of Massive Stars
13. Stellar Explosions and Remnants of Massive Stars

Jorgen Christensen-Dalsgaard wrote a comprehensive set of lecture notes on stellar oscillations (i.e., pulsations and seismology). HERE are those notes in one (276-page) PDF file.

Rob Rutten created an extensive set of lecture notes on radiative transfer in stellar atmospheres (with a bit of an emphasis on the Non-LTE upper layers most relevant to the solar chromosphere). HERE is a link to Rutten's external web page, which contains the full set of PDF notes (275 pages) and many other useful files.

Upon retirement, Dr. J. B. Tatum put many of his lecture notes online. I've brought over his 11 chapters on stellar atmospheres and radiative transfer (each in a separate PDF file) and have archived them here:

1. Definitions of and Relations between Quantities used in Radiation Theory
2. Blackbody Radiation
3. The Exponential Integral Function
4. Flux, Specific Intensity and other Astrophysical Terms
5. Absorption, Scattering, Extinction and the Equation of Transfer
6. Limb Darkening
7. Atomic Spectroscopy
8. Boltzmann's and Saha's Equations
9. Oscillator Strengths and Related Topics
10. Line Profiles
11. Curve of Growth

Koskinen and Vainio wrote up their lecture notes on solar physics ("from the core to the heliopause"). These notes go a bit further into the 'practical' applications of helioseismology and magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) than other purely astronomical sources. HERE is a local copy of these notes in a single (188-page) PDF file.

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