Bloom County! General Astronomy Links

2013 Update: This page was first written in the late 1990s, when it was considerably more difficult to find things on the web. It is not being updated regularly and may contain many "dead links."

* Of Interest to Researchers...

For locating abstracts and preprints, it's best to probably start with the ADS Abstract Service, or go directly to various online preprint/abstract servers:

Many of the most important journals in astronomical research now have online editions. Some have complete collections of online articles, as well, but one often must subscribe to access them. See:

There are quite a few online newsletters in the field of solar and stellar astronomy, and these contain a good deal of news and cutting-edge research:

Some research-related computing sites:

Some sites containing atomic data of use to astronomers:

Astronomy education is getting more and more attention on the Web. For now, one can start with the following sites: (more to be added soon...)

* Of Interest to Anyone...

Some sites devoted to archaeoastronomy and the history of astronomy:

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