Sol! Old News Items

2013 NEWS:   New X-ray results from a T Tauri star in a CfA Press Release

2011 NEWS:   New stellar wind theory highlighted in a CfA Weekly Science Update

2011 NEWS:   CPI Mission of Opportunity selected for Phase-A Study

2011 NEWS:   SDO/AIA image processing news in a CfA Press Release

2010 NEWS:   New X-ray results from a T Tauri star in CfA's Weekly Science Update

2009 NEWS:   We organized the SOHO-23 Meeting, 21-25 September 2009. The proceedings have been published!

2008 NEWS:   CPEX Explorer approved for Phase-A Study

2007 NEWS:   Earth and Sky short radio interview (90-second MP3)

2006 NEWS:   Karen Harvey Prize . . . Powerpoint slides (2.7 MB) of the SPD Meeting talk

2004 NEWS:   New analytic solution to a classic problem!

2002 NEWS:   Press Release: Scientists Predict Calmer (Space) Weather Ahead

2000 NEWS:   APS popular-press review: Exploring the Solar Wind with Ultraviolet Light

1999 NEWS:   NASA-TV Space Science Update: Surfing the Solar Wind

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