Miscellaneous Work

In addition to "official" research publications, a significant fraction of a scientist's effort is often devoted to less formal presentations of their work. For example, I have found that it is useful to have comprehensive, textbook-like notes on topics that may be well-developed, but do not yet occupy textbooks in quite a useful enough form.

The papers and presentations listed here are divided into the following categories:

Where available, there are also links to full online versions of articles, notes, and presentations.

* Articles for Non-Specialists

* Unpublished Notes

These technical notes are Copyright Steven R. Cranmer, 1996-2013. I may publish them somewhere, someday, in some form or another, but for now, the author [me] grants the right to copy and distribute these files, provided they remain unmodified, original authorship is retained, and they not be used in any widely-distributed or commercial publication. If the reader would like to cite anything presented in these documents, please contact me, because most probably there are better (original) sources to cite....

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