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Here's a simple list of the undergraduate coursework I've done so far.
This list is organized by date, and is also organized by subject here.
Don't forget that at Harvard, coures with numbers under 100 are primarily for
undergraduates, courses between 100 and 200 (or 1000 and 2000 for four
digits) are for undergraduates and graduates, and courses with numbers 200
and over (2000 for four digits) are primarily for graduates.

Fall 2011
Astronomy 150 with Ramesh Narayan, Radiative Processes in Astrophysics
Physics 143b with Subir Sachdev, Quantum Mechanics II
Applied Mathematics 205 with David Knezevic, Advanced Scientific Computing: Numerical Methods
Mathematics 141 with Gerald Sacks, Introduction to Mathematical Logic
Cutlure and Belief 22 with Gregory Nagy, Concepts of the Hero in Classical Greek Civilization
Auditing Statistics 212 with Natesh Pillai, Advanced Stochastic Processes

Spring 2011
Astronomy 120 with Alicia Soderberg, Stellar Physics
Physics 143a with Cumrun Vafa, Quantum Mechanics
18.04 (MIT) with Hung Cheng, Complex Variables with Applications (similar to Harvard's applied complex analysis course, AM105a)
Applied Mathematics 50 with Michael Brenner and Margo Levine, Introduction to Applied Mathematics (a survey of
..... applications of mathematics and mathematical modelling in various fields)
Economics 1818 with Richard Freeman, Economics of Discontinuous Changes

Fall 2010
Applied Mathematics 201 with Michael Brenner, Physical Mathematics
..... (basically a graduate course on approximate analytic solutions to problems, such as differential equations and integrals)
Physics 15c with Jenny Hoffman, Wave Phenomena
14.01 (MIT) with Jonathan Gruber, Principles of Microeconomics
United States in the World 17 with Stephen Marglin, Economics: A Critical Approach
Ethical Reasoning 21 with Susanna Siegel, Moral Reasoning about Social Protest

Spring 2010
Astronomy 16 with David Charbonneau, Stellar and Planetary Astronomy
Physics 15b with Masahiro Morii, Introductory Electromagnetism
Applied Mathematics 21b with Vahid Tarokh, Mathematical Methods in the Sciences
..... a combination of linear algebra, fourier analysis, differential equations, and a couple days here and there on other topics
Freshman Seminar 26s with Gerald Sacks, Mathematical Structures and Gödel's Completens Theorem
Italian Ca with Teaching Fellow Kyle Hall, 3rd semester level Italian
Expository Writing 20sw with Steven Wandler, Being Ordinary

January Term 2010
Audited 18.223 (MIT) with Peter Fisher, Classical Mechanics II

Fall 2009
Astronomy 17 with Julia Lee, Galactic and Extragalactic Astronomy
Physics 15a With David Morin, Introductory Mechanics and Relativity
Applied Mathematics 21a with Michael Brenner, Lakshminarayanan Mahadevan, and Evelyn Hu
..... multivariable calculus
Italian Ab with Teaching Felllow Cara Takakjian, 2nd semester level italian

"Non fasces nec opes, sola artis sceptra perennant." -Tycho Brahe

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