am Downloads

The current version is am 8.0.

For Windows, am is available as a Windows installer file. The zipped archive (12 MB) contains the installer file and instructions.

MD5: 70ecfbbd89bc0100211f8952d33b650f
SHA256: 5108555b331a8e5a25ad315e6fdda4a064c8d1e0ec1a5e6999fa21e24c90064e

For GNU/Linux, Unix, and MacOS, am is compiled from source. Download the compressed archive am-8.0.tgz (4.3 MB) and follow the instructions in the file INSTALL.

MD5: e502d48370d419ea5d8a3786a7144777
SHA256: 0bb204bac253f835e1bec1a3804cd071ea556145d76f3960eeb2b32e20d3319a

You can also browse the source code here.