Sukrit Ranjan


Welcome to my corner of the Web. I am a PhD candidate at Harvard University in astronomy, and a recent graduate of MIT where I majored in physics and minored in astronomy and history. My research interests are in extrasolar planets and astrobiology. I aim to contribute to the exploration of worlds beyond our own, and the search for life on them. I am also interested in supporting commercial exploitation of asteroids.

In addition to scientific research, I am deeply committed to outreach and education. I am an author for the science outreach blog Astrobites, a peer mentor in my department, and a volunteer for science fairs and public talks. My undergrad outreach work included providing a free astronomy class to local high-school students and teaching astronomy to students in Spain. I was a TA for three classes at MIT and two at Harvard.

In my free time, I love exploring Earth through flying, hiking, SCUBA diving, and travel. I also love cooking, reading, and playing board games.

One day, I hope to visit this minor planet.

For more about my work and experience, please see my CV.

You can reach me by email at: s r a n j a n (at) f a s . h a r v a r d . e d u



Clockwise from left: Hiking the Grand Canyon; after getting my pilot’s license; presenting research to then-Senator Obama on Capitol Hill; sailing in Boston Harbor; playing football in spacesuits at the Mars Desert Research Station.