Sarah Rugheimer


I am a 5th year astronomy graduate student at Harvard working with Lisa Kaltenegger (MPIA/Harvard) and Dimitar Sasselov (Harvard). My research interests are modeling the atmosphere and climate of extrasolar planets with a particular focus on atmospheric biomarkers in Earth-like planets as well as modeling early Earth conditions.

In 2014 I was selected as a Harvard Horizon Scholar, one in a cohort of eight PhD students chosen from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences to highlight their research at a University wide symposium and develop communication and professional skills through a 2 month mentorship program.

Contact Info: 

60 Garden St. MS 10

Cambridge, MA 02138

Office: (617) 496-4386


srugheimer [at]


Top left: Maunakea; Top right: Me in Landmannalauger, Iceland.

B.Sc., in Physics, University of Calgary, 2007

  1. M.A., in Astronomy, Harvard University, 2010

currently Ph.D., candidate (expected Fall 2014)