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The latest version of my CV can be found here.  A complete listing of my publications can be found at NASA ADS or Google Scholar. Some selected papers that highlight my research interests are listed below.

For my database of ultracool parallaxes (Dupuy & Liu 2012) go here:

Selected Papers

“Distances, Luminosities, and Temperatures of the Coldest Known Substellar Objects.” 

Dupuy, T. J. and Kraus, A. L.  2013, Science Express, (arxiv)

“Hawaii Infrared Parallax Program. I. Ultracool Binaries and the L/T Transition.”

Dupuy, T. J. and Liu, M. C.  2012, ApJS, 201, 19 (arxiv); online data @ VizieR

“CFBDSIR J1458+1013B: A Very Cold (>T10) Brown Dwarf in a Binary System.''

Liu, M. C., Delorme, P., Dupuy, T. J., Bowler, B. P., Albert, L., Artigau, E., Reyle, C., Forveille, T., Delfosse, X.  2011, ApJ, 740, 108 (arxiv)

Faintest object outside the solar system with an optical or infrared parallax measurement.

“On the Distribution of Orbital Eccentricities for Very Low-Mass Binaries.”

Dupuy, T. J. and Liu, M. C.  2011, ApJ, 733, 122 (arxiv)

“Discovery of a Highly Unequal-mass Binary T Dwarf with Keck LGS AO: A Coevality Test of Substellar Theoretical Models and Effective Temperatures.”

Liu, M. C., Dupuy, T. J., and Leggett, S. K. 2010, ApJ, 722, 311 (arxiv)

(This paper includes a uniform analysis of all brown dwarf binaries with spectral types, luminosities, and mass ratio estimates computed in a consistent fashion for the entire sample, thus superseding the tabulation of properties at

“Studying the Physical Diversity of Late-M Dwarfs with Dynamical Masses.”

Dupuy, T. J., Liu, M. C., Bowler, B. P., Cushing, M. C., Helling, Ch., Witte, S., Hauschildt, P. 2010, ApJ, 721, 1725 (arxiv)

“Detectability of Transiting Jupiters and Low-Mass Eclipsing Binaries in Sparsely Sampled Pan-STARRS-1 Survey Data.”

Dupuy, T. J. and Liu, M. C. 2009, ApJ, 704, 1519 (arxiv)

“Keck Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics Monitoring of the M8+L7 Binary

LHS 2397aAB: First Dynamical Mass Benchmark at the L/T Transition.”

Dupuy, T. J., Liu, M. C., & Ireland, M. J. 2009, ApJ, 699, 168 (arxiv)

“Dynamical Mass of the Young Substellar Benchmark Binary HD 130948BC.”

Dupuy, T. J., Liu, M. C., & Ireland, M. J. 2009, ApJ, 692, 729 (arxiv)

Conference Proceedings

“Multiplicity of cool dwarfs.” 

Dupuy, T. J., Allen, P. R., Kraus, A. L., Biller, B., Blake, C., Davison, C., Deacon, N., Duchêne, G., Geller, A. M., King, R. R., Law, N. M., Nguyen, D. C., Reipurth, B., Winters, J. G., Zhang, Z. H.  2013, AN, 334, 36.  Cool Stars 17 Splinter Session.

“Testing Theory with Dynamical Masses and Orbits of Ultracool Binaries.” 

Dupuy, T. J., Liu, M. C., & Ireland, M. J.  2011, ASPC, 448, 111.  Cool Stars 16 (arxiv)

“Testing Substellar Models with Dynamical Mass Measurements.” 

Dupuy, T. J., Liu, M. C., & Ireland, M. J.  2011, EPJWC, 16, 04004. New Technologies for Probing the Diversity of Brown Dwarfs and Exoplanets proceedings (arxiv)

“Confronting Substellar Theoretical Models with Stellar Ages.” 

Dupuy, T. J., Liu, M. C., & Ireland, M. J.  2009, Proceedings of IAU Symposium #258, The Ages of Stars (arxiv)

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