Tülün Ergin

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Address : 60 Garden St., Cambridge, MA 02138

Phone : 617 - 495 - 7186

Fax : 617 - 495 - 7014

E-mail : tergin@cfa.harvard.edu


My Research My current research is concentrated on mapping all of the molecular clouds at high latitudes (|B| > 10 degrees and δ > -15 degrees) using the 1.2 meter millimeter-wave telescope at CfA. These clouds are passive high-energy gamma-ray emitters through interactions of cosmic rays with the gas, and they will be detected as gamma-ray sources by the Large Area Telescope on Fermi. The detailed mapping of these clouds will improve the gamma-ray diffuse emission model for the Galaxy, and this will allow a better identification and characterization of the Fermi sources. I am an affiliated member of the Fermi-LAT (formerly GLAST) collaboration, and I am involved in the analysis of the Fermi data associated with these clouds. In addition, I am an associated member of the VERITAS collaboration. VERITAS is an array of imaging atmospheric Cherenkov telescopes (IACTs) located in Arizona, USA. The technique of measuring the Cherenkov light emitted by the relativistic secondary particles created in the interactions between the gamma rays and the air molecules is very useful in determining the direction and the energy of the cosmic gamma rays. In VERITAS, I participate in the search and detection of TeV gamma rays from galactic sources like supernova remnants and pulsar wind nebulae, particularly those that interact with molecular clouds. Before VERITAS, I completed my Ph.D. in gamma-ray astronomy in Humboldt University of Berlin in Germany, where I conducted research in another IACT experiment, called H.E.S.S., which is located in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Tülün Ergin
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