If it is necessary to send a revised manuscript, please use any one of the methods below.

Warning: under the Journal's new procedures, I cannot accept a ms until the scientific content is final. Even trivial changes, e.g. correcting an object name, will require sending a whole new ms version. Please try to make sure all corrections are complete before the expected-to-be-final version is submitted.

Electronic manuscripts (preferred): Please follow the standard instructions for electronic manuscripts. (For instructions, see http://www.journals.uchicago.edu/ApJ/Einstruct.html#n4.
In addition, please email the cover letter, detailing your changes, directly to me (swillner@cfa.harvard.edu) .

Hard copies (not needed if sending electronically): Please send two copies to me at:
Steven Willner
Center for Astrophysics MS-65
60 Garden Street
Cambridge, MA 02138 USA
It is useful to send me a short email to alert me that the revised manuscript has been sent.

Original figures: If figures can be sent as Encapsulated PostScript files, that is sufficient and preferred. (Exception: for color figures, see below.) If hard copy originals are needed, please send them to the Tucson office, making sure they are properly labeled. There is no need to send new hard copy originals of any figures that have not changed. Each copy of the manuscript (electronic or hard copy) should still have legible (i.e., displaying the essential content of the figure, including color if required) figure copies with it.

Color figures: one hard copy original showing the proper colors is always needed, even if an electronic file is sent. PostScript file plus one hardcopy is the preferred method. The printed version will be produced from the hard copy! It must therefore be a top-quality, reproducible original. Please mail the hard copy original to the Tucson office. For electronic mss where only the color figure is in hard copy form, please send two copies to me at the address above, making sure to label them clearly with both the ms number and the figure number within the ms. If no electronic file is available, please include a hard copy with each copy of a paper ms. Each copy should be good enough to show all essential features of the data.

If any of this is unclear, please inquire.

Normally I acknowledge receipt of a revised ms within a couple of days unless I am out of town. If you don't get any response, it is worth checking that the ms was received.