SIRTF at Ball, 2001 June

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P6270006.JPG (607927 bytes)SIRTF telescope in clean tent inside EMI chamber.  This is the black side, which will be oriented away from the Sun.  The rounded, aluminum piece just below the telescope tub is the bottom of the helium tank.  The two black cylinders just in front are the mounts for the star trackers.  The IRAC warm electronics assembly (WEA) is partially visible at the bottom behind the bundle of orange wires.
P6270011.JPG (591207 bytes)This is the shiny side of the SIRTF telescope, which will go towards the sunshade.  The edge of the black side is visible on the right.  Picture by Marty Brown.
Marty ready to work.  Again the WEA is visible at the termination of the orange wire bundle.
P6280041.JPG (654404 bytes)Some of the MIPS/IRS test equipment.
Part of the test team.  From left: Steve Mann (GSFC contractor), Mike Pahre (SAO), Lori Allen (SAO).
More of the test team: Ed Lander (GSFC) and Leslie Frazier (SAO).