Polarization Studies with the Submillimeter Array
Ramprasad Rao, Daniel P. Maronne, Josep Miquel Girart, and Ya-Wen Tang


Polarized emission of radiation is one of the important signatures of interstellar magnetic fields. Magnetic fields are present ubiquitously and play an important role in several astrophysical phenomena. With the installation of a polarimetry system, the Submillimeter Array (SMA) now has the ability to conduct such observations. This polarimetry system has been used by a number of researchers at the partnering institutions (SAO and ASIAA) as well as astronomers outside the two organizations. The focus of the research so far has been on two important areas: 1) Polarization measurements of the galactic center, and 2) Study of magnetic fields in regions of star formation. As of this writing there are 8 publications in refereed journals which focus on the topic of polarization with the SMA. which have been cited a total of 153 times.

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