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- Minimal software support for data analysis required.

- Analysis requires graphics, and, increasingly, bit mapped capabilities.

- University environment tends toward workstation (SUN, VAX) and personal
computers (Mac, PC's). With assumption that folks bring primary analysis
software and machine, x-windows access to those machines is still needed.

- Recommend 3 Suns, 3 Macs (Quadras), 2 Vaxstations, 3 PC/486 as suitable mix.
Color is not required in all SUNS and Macs, but at least one of each should have
large (19") color monitors). Recommended cost range about 8-10K each for
workstation, 5-6k for each Mac, and 2-3k for each PC. (Question arises...where
will these machines go? Space available is tight)

- Should be no fewer than two of anything for spares consideration. Should be
configured with as many common parts as possible (disks, etc.). Additional
workstationsshould be planned for remote work areas (Clean Air, CARA).

Special topic -PC servers and science:
- Central system source of single point failure
- Additional logon procedure awkward
- Not useful for data acquisition (unacceptable down times)
- Added complexity to negotiate resource sharing not consistent
with short times at station
- Added complexity for software management unwieldy and not
consistent with short times at station
- Account management can result in delays which are large relative
to time at station
- Little analysis carried out on PC's

Conclusion - minimal requirement for PC network from science sector.

Part II. Communications

The South Pole science community strongly recommends that Internet be brought to Amundsen-Scott Station for the 1993-94 summer season. The plan outlined below provides for:

1. The implementation of an Internet link on LES-9 and GOES-2 for 1993-94 Austral
summer season

2. Higher available bandwidths for data transmission

3. The investigation into higher data rate links for the future

These implementations include using an intelligent router at each end of the link that can automatically make appropriate use of each link when the link is available. The