Polarimetry at 160 microns with ISOPHOT

Preliminary Observations:

Current Plan (first column shows our priority ;1=highest):

Revision date: March 19, 1998

 Priority Observation (click link for details)  RA (1950) Dec (1950) Comments
1.  Calibrate on Orion  +5:32:50.1  -5:21:23.8 to compare with KAO data
2.  Map HH34 region in Orion

 see link

 see link

requires multiple "minimaps", see HH34 page
3.  High-latitude positions

 see link

 see link

deemed too faint by ISOPHOT experts--skip these
 2.  Several selected positions in L1157 region

 20:39:06.9 (J2000)

 68:02:13.2 (J2000)

this source includes a core/outflow plus a dark cloud--positions to be selected by ISOPHOT experts & approved by AG
 4. Two Galactic Center Positions



deemed too bright by ISOPHOT experts--skip these--except possibly for a calibration point

AG's notes, to be incorporated into table if more time is available:

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