Spring 2002 Yale Seminar

on Star Formation and the Interstellar Medium



Faculty: Alyssa Goodman (visiting from Harvard/CfA) and Richard Larson

Intended Audience: Graduate students taking the Seminar for credit, who would attend every week, and Faculty/Research Staff from Astronomy and Physics, who would attend when the topic was of interest.

Meeting Time: Tuesday, 1-2:15 (dessert will be served!)

Meeting Place:  Gibbs Lab, Room 263

Special Event: In the late Spring of 2002, the Yale Astronomy Department will host a workshop where experts from several outside institutions will be invited to discuss star formation and ISM topics of current interest.  All students and faculty participating in the Seminar will be invited to attend the Workshop as well

Format:  Each meeting of the Workshop will be devoted to one of the topics listed below.  A Journal article that presents a discussion particularly important to the topic at hand will serve to focus the discussion each week.  Each week, either Alyssa Goodman or Richard Larson will give a short introduction to the topic at hand.  A graduate student will be selected in advance to lead the discussion of the associated article, and a second "discussant" will be selected at random.  Our intention is for the discussion to be informative, thought-provoking, and accompanied by refreshments.

Topics:  Click here for a list of topics.

One, or sometimes two, Journal Articles will be associated with the discussion of each of topic.  All attending the Seminar will be expected to have read the article(s) carefully in advance.

Handouts: Are stored on-line, many in ppt format.  Other formats are available upon request.



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