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Joseph L. Hora


Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Research Activities

Instrumentation Projects:

Astronomical Research

My active research is in several areas, including star formation, IR observations of near-earth objects, and near- and mid-infrared observations of planetary nebulae.

Cygnus-X Star Formation Region

Several current projects are related to the study of massive star formation in the Cygnus-X region. I led a team that performed a Spitzer Legacy Survey during the cyogenic Spitzer mission, and we performed a survey with Herschel as well as several other investigations of the massive star formation in this region. See some of the images below that resulted from this project.

Examples of recent results:

2005/02/11: IRAC image of the Ring Nebula, NGC 6720 2005/11/09: IRAC images of the W5 region near AFGL 4029 2006/08/14: Spitzer/IRAC image of the Orion molecular cloud 2006/08/31: Spitzer images the Large Magellanic Cloud
2006/09/08: Spitzer/IRAC image of Star Formation in Cepheus 2007/08/24: Spitzer Celebrates Fourth Anniversary with Celestial Fireworks 2008/08/22: Spitzer Reveals Stellar 'Family Tree' 2009/03/12 - 'Cat's Eye' Planetary nebula observed with IRAC
2009/08/05: Cygnus Star Forming Region DR22 2010/09/02: Spitzer Finds a Flavorful Mix of Asteroids 2011-08-10: Weighing in on the Dumbbell Nebula 2012-01-10: Before They Were Stars: New Image Shows Space Nursery
2012-07-02: A Planetary Nebula Pair 2013-10-28: The Exposed Cranium Nebula 2013-09-10: Asteroid Don Quixote
2013-09-10: Asteroid Don Quixote  06.19.14:  I Spy a Little Asteroid With My Infrared Eye

Older results, press releases:

More information:

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