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Li Zeng

Li Zeng

Simons Postdoctoral Fellow (Simons Collaboration on the Origins of Life)

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Harvard University (laboratory of Stein Jacobson)

Email: astrozeng@gmail.com

Mailing Address: 20 Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA 02138


Ph.D. & M.A. in Astronomy and Astrophysics, Harvard University

B.S. in Physics, MIT (Tang Scholarship)

orcid researchgate linkedin  



I study the interior structures of exoplanets.

Mass-Radius Diagram

Mass-Radius Plots and Tables for download.

Planet Interiors

Numerical Model and Analytical Model


LPSC: 48th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (LPSC), the Woodlands, Texas, March 20-24, 2017. Oral Presentation of LPSC abstract 1576 titled "Planet Size Distribution from the Kepler Mission and Its Implications for Planet Formation" at 2:40pm on Thursday, March 23, 2017, at Waterway Ballroom 5. (ADS link)

AGU (10-16 Dec 2016), presenting CIDER Group Project: "On the Origin of High Shear Wave Velocities in the Deep Roots of Cratons"in Session DI31A (Abstract #: 126871) on Wednesday, 14 December 2016, 8am-12:20pm.

CIDER: Participant in the "Flow in the Deep Earth" (CIDER 2016 Summer Program) at Kavli Institute of Theoretical Physics, Santa Barbara, CA, June 26-July 23, 2016.

ERES: Participant in the "Emerging Researchers in Exoplanet Science II" (ERES II) Meeting at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, June 13-14, 2016.

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