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CfA Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Alliance

To revolutionize the culture of the CfA to become a leader in astrophysics for justice, equity, and inclusivity.  We will achieve this through open, transparent, and curiosity driven strategic planning and initiatives for improving equity, diversity, belonging, and inclusion with sustained actionable implementation. 

CfA Inclusion, Diversity, & Equity Alliance

CfA Inclusion, Diversity, & Equity Alliance

The CfA APS-IDEA team is made up of members of both SAO and Harvard including scientists, graduate students, postdocs, staff, administrators, and faculty that share leadership roles and who will work with the APS network of physics departments and labs on best practices of cultural change. Though our ultimate goal is a long term implementation plan for the CfA as a whole, we recognize that short- and medium-term steps are also necessary to maintain momentum. We will pay close attention to where such actionable steps may fit into our plan. We will ensure that we have appropriate data to motivate our path forward such as how to re-evaluate our hiring practices as well as making our facilities accessible. We welcome contributions from all members of the CfA community.

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