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Photo Gallery

VLA Dish and Feeds

VLA long wavelength feeds:
4m, 1.5m, and 0.9m
VLA long wavelength
feeds (close-up)
VLA long and short
wavelength feed
RFI at the VLA - 5 bars
Mockup of the inner 95% of a VLA sub-reflector with dipole feeds for 1.5m and P-band feed assemblies. Surface accuracy is ~2 inches (center to edge). Internal Structure of the mockup (1) Internal Structure of the mockup (2) Close up of the mockup top surface and dipole assemblies

Prime Focus Barrel Cabin

Looking down into the barrel, showing 1.5m and P-band receiver boxes. Looking outward showing receiver support structures.


Viewed from the apex of
antenna 8.
Half of the
D - configuration from ground level.

Feed Testing

Rails to Destiny Mounting the 1.5m feed on antenna 17. Test setup for total sky power measurement (call on/call off trace visible on screen). Narrow band front-end filters in foreground, near pipe (needed in testing to eliminate TV carriers). The 74 MHz receiver RF box nearest the camera.

Production Receivers

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