Ninth Biennial HITRAN Conference
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge MA

Day 1, Monday 26 June 2006
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Welcome Stephen S. Murray,
Deputy Director
for Science
Keynote Address
Session 1
L.S. Rothman The Quest for Consistency and Accuracy of Spectroscopic Parameters in HITRAN: Bridge between Archive and Application
J. Orphal Diode- and difference-frequency laser studies of atmospheric molecules in the near-and mid-infrared: H2O, NH3 and NO2
G. Wagner Water Pressure Broadening: A Never-ending Story
A. Barbe Analysis of High-resolution Infrared CW-CRDS Spectra of Ozone in the 6000 to 6750 cm-1 Spectral Region
A. Perrin Relief is on the Way: Status of the Line Positions and Intensities for Nitric Acid
Session 2
L.H. Coudert The Water Molecule: Line Position and Line Intensity Analyses up to the Second Triad
V. Boudon Global Frequency and Infrared Intensity Analysis of 12CH4 Lines in the 0-4800 cm-1 Region
R.R. Gamache Temperature dependence of N2-, O2-, and air-broadened half-widths of water vapor transitions: insight from theory and comparison with measurement
Q. Ma Modification of the Robert-Bonamy Formalism and Further Refinement Challenges
Session 1
I. Gordon A New "Diet" for Air-broadened Half-widths of Water Vapor in the HITRAN2004 Compilation
R.R. Gamache A Semi-empirical Adustment of the Vibrational Dependence of the Polarizability of Ozone for use in Line Shift Calculations
A. Barbe Observations of SO2 spectra with a quantum cascade laser spectrometer around 1090 and 1160 cm-1. Comparison with HITRAN database and updated calculations
D. Jacquemart Recent knowledge of spectroscopic parameters for Acetylene in the IR
K.C. Gross Developing a Phenomenological Model of Infrared Emissions from Detonation Fireballs for Explosives Identification
K.L. Letchworth Rapid and Accurate Calculation of the Voigt Function
Day 2, Tuesday 27 June 2006
Session 3
J.-M. Flaud Synergistic use of different atmospheric instruments: What about the spectral parameters
C.D. Boone Linelist Needs for the Atmospheric Chemistry Experiment
B. Sen CO2 Spectroscopy Evaluation using Atmospheric Solar Absorption Spectra
L.R. Brown Infrared Laboratory Spectroscopy of CH4 and CH3D for Atmospheric Studies
M.A.H. Smith Spectroscopic parameter requirements for remote sensing of terrestrial planets
Session 4
D.F. Plusquellic THz Studies of Water Vapor
L. Daumont HDO and D2O long path spectroscopy: Ongoing work of the Brussels-Reims Team
B. Drouin Air-broadening Ozone Linewidths in the Submillimeter Wavelengths CO2 Spectroscopy Evaluation using Atmospheric Solar Absorption Spectra
D. Jacquemart Methyl Bromide: Spectroscopic line parameters in the 7- and 10-µm region
L.-H. Xu High Resolution Assignment of the v14 and v16 Bands in the 10-µm Regions for Trans-Acrolein
Session 2
A. Goldman Improved Line Parameters for the X 1Sigmag+ (1-0) IR Quadrupolar Transitions of 14N2
M. Carleer Reinvestigation of the 16O2 Atmospheric A Band by High-resolution Fourier Transform Spectroscopy
V.H. Payne Assessment of microwave line parameters for oxygen: Comparisons between models and atmospheric measurements
M.W. Shephard Implications for v2 and v3 CO2 Spectroscopic Parameters from Atmospheric Remote Sensing
S. Fally UV Fourier Transform Absorption Cross-sections of Benzene, Toluene, Ortho-, Meta-, and Para-Xylene
X. Liu The Effect of Different Ozone Cross Sections in the Ultraviolet on Ozone Profile Retrievals from GOME
S.T. Gibson Temperature Dependence of the O2 Schumann-Runge Continuum Photoabsorption Cross Section from a Coupled-Channel Perspective
M. McHugh Free, Fast and Accurate Online Calculation of Spectral Absorption and Radiance at
V. Beloborodov Use of HITRAN and UVACS databases for the task of precision ambient air control
Day 3, Wednesday 28 June 2006
Session 5
H.S.P. Müller Recent Developments in the Cologne Database for Molecular Spectroscopy, CDMS, and the Need for Further Laboratory Spectroscopy
N. Jacquinet-Husson Assessment of the GEISA and GEISA/IASI Spectroscopic Data Quality: through comparisons with other public database archives
J. Tennyson A database for water transitions from experiment and theory
S.T. Massie New cross sections, indices of refraction, and reflectance spectra of atmospheric interest
H. Harde MolExplorer: A New Tool for Computation and Display of Spectra from the HITRAN Database
M.L. Dubernet Atomic and Molecular Lines Data Model