Workshops and Topical Groups

Postponed until further notice ...

S. Weichselbaumer; M. Zens; C.W. Zollitsch; M.S. Brandt; S. Rotter; R. Gross; H. Huebl, "Echo Trains in Pulsed Electron Spin Resonance of a Strongly Coupled Spin Ensemble" (2020)
D.R. M. Arvidsson-Shukur; J.Chevalier Drori; N.Yunger Halpern, "Conditions tighter than noncommutation needed for nonclassicality" (2020)
J.T. Monroe; N. Yunger Halpern; T. Lee; K.W. Murch, "Weak Measurement of Superconducting Qubit Reconciles Incompatible Operators" (2020)
Z.Z. Yan; W. Jee; Y. Ni; S. Will; T. Karman; M. Zwierlein, "Resonant Dipolar Collisions of Ultracold Molecules Induced by Microwave Dressing" (2020)
Balakrishnan Naduvalath University of Nevada Las Vegas
09/01/2020 to 11/30/2020