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Markus Aspelmeyer (University of Vienna), Hossein Sadeghpour (ITAMP)

09/16/2019 to 09/17/2019

Michael Drewsen and Thomas Pohl (Aarhus University)

10/14/2019 to 10/16/2019
02/23/2020 to 02/29/2020

Chris H. Greene (Purdue), Christian Jungen (UCL) and Frédéric Merkt (ETH)

03/30/2020 to 04/01/2020
A. Christianen; M.W. Zwierlein; G.C. Groenenboom; T. Karman, "Photoinduced Two-Body Loss of Ultracold Molecules" (2019)
N.Yunger Halpern; A. Bartolotta; J. Pollack, "Entropic uncertainty relations for quantum information scrambling" (2019)
S. Schippers; E. Sokell; F. Aumayr; H.R. Sadeghpour; K. Ueda; I. Bray; K. Bartschat; A.James Murray; J. Tennyson; A. Dorn; M. Yamazaki; M. Takahashi; N.J. Mason; O. Novotný; A. Wolf; L. Sanche; M. Centurion; Y. Yamazaki; G. Laricchia; C.M. Surko; J.P. Sullivan; G. Gribakin; D.Wolf Savin; Y. Ralchenko; R. Hoekstra; G. O\textquotesingleSullivan, "Roadmap on photonic, electronic and atomic collision physics {II}. Electron and Antimatter interactions" (2019)
Matthias Zens TU Wien
09/01/2019 to 11/30/2019
Janine Shertzer College of Holy Cross
09/02/2019 to 05/31/2020
Markus Aspelmeyer University of Vienna
09/09/2019 to 09/20/2019
Igor Pikovski Stevens Institute of Technology
09/10/2019 to 09/20/2019
Stefano Bovino University of Concepción
09/20/2019 to 09/30/2019
Marcello Dalmonte ICTP
09/22/2019 to 09/28/2019
Angelo Bassi University of Trieste
09/22/2019 to 09/25/2019
Peter Schmelcher University of Hamburg
10/03/2019 to 10/11/2019
John Bohn University Of Colorado
10/07/2019 to 10/10/2019