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Markus Aspelmayer (University of Vienna), Hossein Sadeghpour (ITAMP)

09/16/2019 to 09/17/2019

Michael Drewsen and Thomas Pohl (Aarhus University)

10/14/2019 to 10/16/2019
02/23/2020 to 02/29/2020

Chris H. Greene (Purdue), Christian Jungen (UCL) and Frédéric Merkt (ETH)

03/30/2020 to 04/01/2020
D. Vrinceanu; R. Onofrio; J.B.R. Oonk; P. Salas; H.R. Sadeghpour, "Efficient Computation of Collisional $\ell$-mixing Rate Coefficients in Astrophysical Plasmas" (2019)
B.M. McLaughlin; C.P. Ballance; M.S. Pindzola; P.C. Stancil; J.F. Babb; S. Schippers; A. Müller, "PAMOP2: Towards Exascale Computations Supporting Experiments and Astrophysics" (2019)
N.Yunger Halpern; M.E. Beverland; A. Kalev, "Equilibration to the non-Abelian thermal state in quantum many-body physics" (2019)
K.Lun Ng; R. Polkinghorne; B. Opanchuk; P.D. Drummond, "Phase-space representations of thermal {Bose}–{Einstein} condensates" (2019)
B. Opanchuk; L. Rosales-Zárate; M.D. Reid; P.D. Drummond, "Robustness of quantum Fourier transform interferometry" (2019)
Daniel Vrinceanu Texas Southern University
06/16/2019 to 07/19/2019
Matthias Zens TU Wien
09/01/2019 to 11/30/2019
Janine Shertzer College of the Holy Cross
09/02/2019 to 05/31/2020
Markus Aspelmayer University of Vienna
09/09/2019 to 09/20/2019
Pierre Meystre University of Arizona
09/16/2019 to 09/20/2019
Tracy Northup University of Innsbruck
10/14/2019 to 10/16/2019