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CfA Seminars

The CfA Seminars aim to provide opportunities for early-career researchers to present their work on exciting and diverse topics to the CfA community. These seminars typically feature two complementary presentations from visiting and local speakers.

Date Speaker Title
2023-01-24 Seth Gossage Magnetic Braking in Open Clusters and Low Mass X-ray Binaries
2023-01-31 Jason Hunt Ripples, ridges and spirals in the Milky Way
2023-01-31 Kaixiang Wang Revealing the Origins of Ultra-Compact Dwarf Galaxies with Panoramic Deep Imaging
2023-02-07 Elias Aydi New Insights Into Classical Novae
2023-02-07 Megan Masterson Probing Extreme Variability in the X-ray Corona with Changing-Look AGN
2023-02-14 Ulrich Steinwandel Numerical simulations of multiphase galactic winds
2023-02-14 Sopie Musset Coronal jets, their impact on the heliosphere, and how to catch them with citizen science
2023-02-21 Lucy Lu Galactic Archaeology in the Solar Neighborhood with Gyrochronology
2023-02-21 Joshua Lovell Tracing the evolution of planetary systems with collisional debris
2023-03-07 Andrei Cuceu New constraints on the cosmic expansion rate at redshift 2.3 from the Lyman-α forest
2023-03-07 Bryan Changala Exploring the chemistry of carbon-rich stellar envelopes with radio spectroscopy of new metal-carbon clusters
2023-03-21 Deepika Bollimpalli Disc Wars: The Thin disc strikes back
2023-03-21 Josh Borrow THESAN-HR: Complications of simulating early galaxy evolution
2023-03-28 Erica Thygesen The K2 & TESS Synergy: Combining NASA’s Planet Hunters
2023-03-28 Jakob den Brok Unraveling the molecular gas conditions across nearby galaxies – new insights from recent large mm line programs
2023-04-04 Laura Suad Galactic HI supershells and their impact on the interstellar medium
2023-04-04 Alex Tetarenko The First Detection of Relativistically Moving Outflows from a Globular Cluster X-ray Binary
2023-04-11 Aishwarya Iyer The M-dwarf Atmosphere Problem
2023-04-11 Daniele Michilli A periodic signal from a unique fast radio burst
2023-04-18 Kate Storey-Fisher Learning Precise Relationships between Dark Matter and Galaxies by Imposing Exact Physical Symmetries
2023-04-18 Wenzer Qin Probing exotic energy injection with CMB spectral distortions and early star formation
2023-04-25 Augusto Chantada Cosmology-informed neural networks to solve the background dynamics of the Universe
2023-04-25 Arnab Sarkar Abell 98: an interesting early-stage merging galaxy cluster
2023-05-02 Apurva Oza Visible and Infrared Consequences of Tidal Heating on Volcanic Exoplanets and Exomoons
2023-05-02 Jasmine Gill Equipping the Gravitational Wave Detection Frontier with Machine Learning