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CfA Seminars

The CfA Seminars aim to provide opportunities for early-career researchers to present their work on exciting and diverse topics that will alternate between "Galaxies & Cosmology" one week, followed by "Stars & Planets" the next.

Date Speaker Title
2021-09-13 Mia de los Reyes Using Galactic Archaeology to Probe the Physics of Type Ia Supernovae
2021-09-13 Aaron Smith Lyman-alpha emission and transmission during the Epoch of Reionization
2021-09-20 Jiayin Dong Tracing Dynamical History of TESS Warm Jupiters
2021-09-20 Adam Jermyn Stellar Evolution in AGN Disks
2021-09-27 Natalie Nicole Sanchez Connecting Cosmic Gas Flows and Metal Enrichment to Supermassive Black Hole Growth in Galactic Evolution
2021-09-27 Namrata Roy Feeding and feedback via large scale AGN driven winds in nearby elliptical galaxies
2021-10-04 Julie Barnum Coordinating Python Development with PyHC
2021-10-04 Kaitlin Rasmussen A Multi-faceted Approach to the Drake Equation: The Past, Present, and Future of Life in the Universe
2021-10-18 Grace M. Olivier Evolution of Stellar Feedback from Reionization to The Milky Way: A Diverse Toolset of Imaging, Spectroscopy, and Modeling for Understanding the Impact of Massive Stars
2021-10-18 Qianjun Hang Galaxy clustering in the DESI Legacy Survey and its imprint on the CMB
2021-10-25 Yu-Jing Qin Supernovae as a stellar population phenomenon: Implications of supernova-host connections on their progenitor populations
2021-10-25 Lisa Dang Characterizing Evolving Exoplanets and Atmosphere with the Space-Based Observatories
2021-11-01 Huanqing Chen Recovering the Density Fields inside Quasar Proximity Zones at z~6
2021-11-01 Dhruba Dutta Chowdhury On the Dynamics of Galaxies and Nuclear Objects in a Fuzzy Dark Matter Halo
2021-11-08 Emily Wilson Convection in Common Envelopes
2021-11-08 Mohit Bhardwaj Discovery of local Universe FRBs by the CHIME/FRB Collaboration
2021-11-15 Jose María Ezquiaga Probing the standard cosmological model with the population of binary black-holes
2021-11-15 Rohan Naidu Double Bubble Lyman Trouble: Indirect Tracers of Escape Fractions from Near & Far for the JWST Era
2021-11-22 Charlie Kilpatrick The Progenitor Systems of Core-Collapse Supernovae
2021-11-22 Zhuo Chen A new window on star formation history at the Galactic Center
2021-11-29 Catarina Aydar Galactic nuclei classification
2021-11-29 Benjamin Horowitz Reconstructing the Cosmic Web at High Noon with Lyman Alpha Tomography
2021-12-06 Samuel Factor A NICMOS Kernel-Phase Interferometry Survey of Brown-Dwarf Binary Demographics
2021-12-06 Amruta Jaodand Finding and characterizing pulsar binaries in the era of Zwicky Transient Facility
2021-12-13 Katja Fahrion The Formation of Nuclear Star Clusters
2021-12-13 Abhijeet Anand The cool CGM in absorption with large spectroscopic surveys