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Information for Seminar Hosts

Information for  Seminar Hosts

Hosts are responsible for ensuring that the speaker has a positive visit at the CfA. Hosts have the following specific responsibilities:

Prior to Arrival:

Make contact with the speaker, explaining that you will be their host and to point them to their schedule (for the CfA seminars their schedule is linked in the online calendar). Find office space for the speaker. Remind the speaker that their talk should be 20+5 if in a 30m slot at 50+5 if in a 60m slot.

Day of the Talk:

Make sure the speaker is brought to Phillips 5-10m before the talk to setup and ensure that their laptop works with the projector. Introduce the speaker before their talk and assist with the taking of questions after the talk. Ensure that the speaker ends on time! Offer to take the speaker to lunch or dinner. Lunch or dinner is reimbursable (contact the seminar Committee to know the amount limit to reimburse for meals). Make sure you keep your receipt and note those in attendance. See Geri Barney ( in the HCO business office (B-115 A) for reimbursement. If applicable, encourage the speaker to fill out and sign the reimbursement forms and return to Geri Barney in the HCO Business Office (see the Information for Speakers page for details).