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High Energy Seminars

Date Speaker Title
2021-01-27 Javier Garcia X-ray Reflection Spectroscopy of Black Hole Binaries
2021-01-27 Shifu Zhu The Lx–Luv–Lradio relation and corona–disc–jet connection in optically selected radio-loud quasars
2021-02-03 Dheeraj Pasham Dedicated multi-wavelength observations of tidal disruption events to study accretion state transitions in individual supermassive black holes
2021-02-03 Dan Wik A Novel Measurement of the Cosmic X-ray Background from 3-40 keV with NuSTAR
2021-02-10 Thomas Pasini A first view at the core of A1668: offset cooling and AGN feedback
2021-02-10 Martin Pohl Magnetic-field structure and electron heating at collisionless shocks
2021-02-17 Karri Koljonen What is going on with GRS 1915+105?
2021-02-17 Lindsay Glesener Studying Small-Scale Energy Release in Solar Hard X-ray Flare
2021-02-24 Wen-Fai Fong Searching Near and Far for Kilonova Emission from Neutron Star Mergers
2021-02-24 Aurora Simeonescu The mechanical impact of supermassive black hole jets and lobes
2021-03-03 Alexandre Marcowith Energetic particles and Cosmic Rays in young stellar objects
2021-03-03 Susanne Aalto Thick as thieves - unveiling the most compact and obscured galaxy nuclei
2021-03-31 Raffaella Morganti Taking snapshots of the jet-ISM interplay with ALMA: the case of PKS 0023–26
2021-03-31 Santiago Ubach Ramirez Study of S-bearing molecules in high-mass star-forming regions
2021-04-07 Satoru Katsuda Revealing the Origin of Neutron Star Kicks
2021-04-07 Arnab Sarkar Probing gas properties out to the virial radius of the MKW4 galaxy group using joint Suzaku and Chandra observations
2021-04-14 Marat Gilfanov News from SRG/eROSITA
2021-04-14 Elena Rasia Baryonic Fraction Evolution in Simulated Galaxy Clusters
2021-04-21 Stephen Reynolds News from the front: Recent observations of supernova remnants and pulsar-wind nebulae with Chandra
2021-04-28 Mojegan Azadi Disentangling the AGN and star-formation contributions to the radio-X-ray emission of radio-loud quasars
2021-04-28 Georgia de Nolfo Understanding Long Duration Gamma-ray Flares from the Sun
2021-05-05 Paul Ricker Modeling AGN accretion and feedback in galaxy cluster simulations
2021-05-12 Alexander Lutovinov Highlights from the Mikhail Pavlinsky ART-XC telescope on board SRG
2021-05-12 Julie Hlavacek-Larrondo First images of extreme worlds orbiting X-ray binaries
2021-05-19 Lia Corrales New Frontiers of Short Wavelength Exploration: From Astromineralogy to Exoplanets