ITC Luncheon Schedule

The 2018-2019 ITC luncheons are sponsored by a generous donation from ITC senior faculty member Dr. Eric Keto. Click on the date to view more information about each talk.

Date Speaker Title
Thu 01/31/2019
  1. Jane Huang (CfA)
  2. Daniela Calzetti (UMass)
  3. Eugene Chiang (Berkeley)
  4. Carl Rodriguez (MIT)
  1. Insights into planet formation from high resolution ALMA imaging
  2. The Scaling Relations of Galaxies in the Infrared
  3. Stellar Winds and Dust Avalanches in Debris Discs
  4. Binary Black Hole mergers across cosmic space and time
Thu 02/07/2019
  1. Ann-Marie Madigan (Boulder)
  2. Catherine Espaillat (BU)
  3. Shany Danieli (Yale)
  4. Shmuel Bialy (ITC)
  1. Dinosaurs in the Solar System
  2. Mentoring Models: A Multi-Method Approach
  3. Galaxies missing dark matter
  4. Thermal Phases of HI Gas - from Solar to Primordial Metallicities
Thu 02/14/2019
  1. Romane Le Gal (CfA)
  2. David Barnes (MIT)
  3. Doug Finkbeiner (Harvard)
  4. Zhong-Zhi Xianyu (Harvard Physics)
  1. Sulfur chemistry in planet-forming disks
  2. Radiative AGN feedback and dust formation with Arepo-RT
  3. Milky Way dust in 3D using star colors and Gaia DR2
  4. Aspects of compact binaries in triple systems
Thu 02/21/2019
  1. Razieh Emami Meibody (ITC)
  2. Dan Fabrycky (Chicago)
  3. Amina Helmi (Groningen)
  4. Richard Anantua (ITC)
  1. Formation Redshift of the Massive Black Holes Detected by LIGO
  2. Far-out exoplanets
  3. Constraints on the distribution of matter in the Galaxy from Gaia DR2
  4. "Observing" Jet/Accretion Flow/Black Hole (JAB) Simulations
Thu 02/28/2019
  1. Laura Mayorga (CfA)
  2. Cathy Olkin (SWRI Boulder)
  3. Jillian Bellovary (AMNH) (AMNH)
  4. Rudy Montez (CfA EIJC)
  1. The Icy Terrestrial Exoplanets in our Backyard
  2. NASA’s Lucy Mission: Surveying the Diversity of the Trojans
  3. Migrating Black Holes in AGN Disks as gravitational wave sources
  4. Bridge Programs in the US
Thu 03/07/2019
Thu 03/14/2019
Thu 03/28/2019
Thu 04/04/2019
Thu 04/11/2019
Thu 04/18/2019
Thu 04/25/2019
Thu 05/02/2019