ITC Pizza Lunch Schedule

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Date Speaker Title Special Note
Wed 01/30/2019
  1. Daniela Calzetti (UMass Amherst)
  2. John Forbes (ITC)
  1. Star formation in modern galaxies: Observations
  2. Star formation in modern galaxies: Theory
SPECIAL TIME: 2:00 PM (Cookies!)
Wed 02/06/2019
  1. Benedikt Diemer and Shmuel Bialy (ITC)
  1. Collapse Versus Equilibrium in the Multiphase ISM
Wed 02/13/2019
  1. Rainer Weinberger (ITC) v. Grant Tremblay (CfA)
  1. AGN Feedback in Galaxy Evolution: Theory and Observations
Wed 02/20/2019
  1. Joel Leja (CfA) v. Matt Ashby (CfA)
  1. The Long, Windy, Half-Mapped Road from Galaxy IR SEDs to Physical Properties
Wed 02/27/2019
  1. Charlotte Mason (cFA) v. Rahul Kannon (ITC)
  1. Understanding the epoch of Reionization
Wed 03/06/2019
  1. Joel Primack (USCS)
  1. Comparing Galaxy Formation Simulations and Observations with AI
Wed 03/13/2019
  1. Charlie Conroy (Harvard)
  1. Galaxies as collections of stars
Wed 03/27/2019
  1. Andra Stroe (CfA) and Jubee Sohn (CfA)
  1. Galaxy evolution in dense environments
Wed 04/03/2019
  1. Sownak Bose (ITC) and Jabran Zahid (CfA) (ITC)
  1. The galaxy-halo connection
Wed 04/10/2019
  1. Lars Hernquist (Harvard)
  1. Cosmological Simulations of Galaxy Formation
Wed 04/17/2019
  1. Kate Whitacker (UConn)
  2. Mauro Giavalisco (UMass)
  1. Morphology & Star Formation
  2. Morphology & Star Formation
Wed 04/24/2019
  1. Rachel Bezanson (University of Pittsburgh)
  2. Elena D’Onghia (UW Madison)
  1. Galaxy Kinematics: Observation & Theory
  2. Galaxy Kinematics: Observation & Theory
Wed 05/01/2019
  1. Rob Simcoe (MIT) and Cameron Hummels (Caltech)
  1. The Circumgalactic Medium: Observations and Simulations