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Radio Millimeter Submillimeter Seminars

Date Speaker Title
2024-01-19 Kristina Monsch High-Resolution SMA and Pan-STARRS Observations of Iras 23077+6707 ("Dracula's Chivito") - The Largest Protoplanetary Disk in the Sky
2024-01-26 Giuseppina Fabbiano Jets & Molecular Clouds in Type 2 AGNs - The Chandra X-ray View
2024-02-09 Samantha Scibelli Probing the Precursor Prebiotic Chemistry of Low-mass Star and Planet Formation
2024-02-23 Ramakrishnan Venkatessh Roadmap to Compendium of Supermassive Black Hole Images
2024-03-01 Claire Murray A Galactic Eclipse: New Insights into the Nature of the Magellanic ISM
2024-03-08 Charles Romero Studies of Turbulence in Ionized Gas
2024-03-15 Anna Kapinska Extragalactic Science with ASKAP/EMU Sky Survey: Galaxy Clusters, AGN, and Emerging ML Methods
2024-03-22 Daniel Palumbo Fundamental Physics and VLBI Polarimetry
2024-03-29 Suchitra (Suchi) Narayanan Understanding Star and Planet Formation Using Observations, Experiments, and Theory
2024-04-05 Steve Longmore Early Results from the Alma Large Program, Aces ("Alma Central Molecular Zone Exploration Survey")
2024-04-12 Joe Callingham Radio Stars and Exoplanets at Low-Frequencies: First Detections
2024-04-19 Brianna Zawadzki Resolving Vertical Structures in Millimeter Debris Disk Observations with ARKS
2024-05-03 Takahiro Ueda Fragile Porous Dust in a Gravitationally Self-Regulated Protoplanetary Disk: A Theoretical Model Where Various Observations Come Together
2024-05-10 Tirna Deb Social Life of Galaxies in A2626 Galaxy Cluster and Beyond
2024-05-17 Mojegan Azadi Exploring the Impact of Supermassive Black Holes on their Host Galaxies
2024-06-25 Craig Yanitski Special RMS Science Seminar: Modelling the Emission from the Inhomogeneous ISM: A Simulation of Fractal PDRs