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SMA Seminars

Date Speaker Title
2023-01-06 Molly Wells Investigations into High Mass Star Formation and Evolution using APEX and ALMA
2023-01-20 David Guszejnov Simulating Stellar Feedback in Star Forming Clouds
2023-01-27 Kaho Morii Dense Cores at the Very Early Phase of High-Mass Star Formation
2023-02-03 Josh Lovell Tracing the Evolution of Planetary Systems with Dusty Collisional Exo-Planetesimal Debris
2023-02-10 Jakob den Brok TBA
2023-02-24 Simon Coude TBA
2023-03-03 Scott Kenyon TBA
2023-03-17 Clara Verges TBA
2023-03-24 Yueying Ni TBA
2023-03-31 Pietro Curone TBA
2023-04-07 TBA TBA
2023-04-28 Michael Busch TBA
2023-05-05 Sofía Rojas TBA