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Through this exchange program, students enrolled at the University of Southampton (UK) in the Honors Astronomy program may do the research for their Masters Thesis at SAO. Students will travel to SAO and spend approximately one academic year (Sept-May) working with an SAO host scientist on a topic of mutual interest. While academic oversight will remain with the Southampton advisor, the SAO host will provide day to day scientific direction. The program is patterned after the SAO Pre-Doc Fellowship and SAO Intern Programs. Southampton students may apply for the program via their Southampton Advisor. With approximately 300 researchers at SAO, a wide variety of thesis topics are possible.

SAO scientists interested in being a host advisor for this program should read the documentation on the Memorandum of Understanding and Southampton Program Description. Note that Southampton has selected only their 'best and brightest' students for this program. The UK undergraduate Astronomy/Physics degree typically takes 3 years to complete, while these students are spending an additional 4th year in order to obtain an Honors undergraduate degree and a Masters degree. The students will pay for their housing and day to day expenses, while the SAO scientist is responsible for arranging an office, computer, and funding any 'research' travel (ie, to a telescope and/or meetings) for the student.

Proposing Scientists must arrange office space with their division AD before proposing for a student, with the understanding that the CfA Directors Office will help. It is expected that computer and research travel will be covered by the host scientist's existing grant funds. If at all possible the student offices will be at 60 Garden St. complex.

Interested SAO scientists may post projects here.



Questions:  Please email Douglas Burke,