CF: Policies: Computer Account User Agreement Policy (SD931)

Procedure for Signing the User Agreement per SI Directive 931

The Smithsonian Institution Office of Chief Information Officer (OCIO) issued Smithsonian Directive 931, "Use of Computers and Networks" on August 5, 2002 and updated on September 18, 2009.

This Directive applies to all users of Smithsonian computers and networks. All guests and visitors must sign the SD 931 User Agreement before obtaining network connections or guest accounts. All CfA users who are not Harvard staff must sign the SD 931 User Agreement in order to obtain computer accounts. This includes the following Employee Status values:

SAO staff, CfA, ALL Visiting Scientists, ALL CfA Collaborators, ALL Contractors, ALL Post-docs, ALL Visiting Students, SAO Pre-docs.

In other words, users with any Employee Status values *other* than Harvard, Harvard Grad Student Astro, or Harvard Grad Student Other must sign the SD 931 User Agreement and this must be on file in HR before their computer account can be created.

Harvard undergraduates taking Astronomy courses with CfA staff, including Astronomy concentrators, are entered as "Harvard Card Holder - not here." This entitles them to building and library access using their Harvard IDs. As members of this group, they must sign SD931.

Please note: When a person in one of the exempt categories changes status (e.g., a Harvard graduate student becomes a CfA Collaborator upon leaving the CfA), that person must then sign SD931 in order to continure to have a computer account.

Finally, all users with access to Smithsonian financial systems, e.g., PeopleSoft, must have a signed SD 931 User Agreement on file in HR.

For all visitors and guests needing a network connection or guest account, a signed SD 931 User Agreement must be sent to the CF. Please see the Short Term Guest Policy for details.

At the end of the document you will find the User Agreement. Print out the User Agreement (those who go through SAO HR orientation would receive it as part of their orientation package), sign it, and return it to the Human Resources Department, MS 17. Faxing it is also acceptable (617-495-7263) as is regular mail:

SAO Human Resources
60 Garden Street
Cambridge, MA
M/S 17

The HR staff will take care of updating the user's Staff Database entry indicating that they have signed the User Agreement.

PLEASE NOTE: Until the User Agreement has been signed, sent to HR, and recorded in the person's Staff Database entry, sys-admins are NOT PERMITTED to create the user account.


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