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"If being educated means having an informed sense of time and place, then it is essential for a person to be familiar with the scientific aspects of the universe and know something of its origin and structure."

AAAS Project 2061

A Universe education specialist has developed a cosmic survey to find out students' (and your) ideas of the universe. This three-part questionnaire launches your students on a discussion about where objects in space are located and when they formed an introduction to the concepts of the structure and evolution of the universe. By physically manipulating images of objects in space, students represent their own mental models of the universe in space and time. Cosmic Survey has been conducted in science museums. Would YOU like to try the survey? It's fun, and it's available here on the Web, just one click away.

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Grade Levels: All

For more information, please contact: Mary Dussault, mdussault@cfa (add, (617)496-7962.

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