Sponsored Programs Section: Who Does What?

  • Thomas Bonnenfant, Section Manager
    In addition to the overall management of the Sponsored Programs Section (SPS), responsible for all Contracts and Foundation Grants

  • Michael Griffith, Contract and Grant Specialist
    Responsible for NASA Grants and Cooperative Agreements, Chandra Grants, NSF Grants, STScI Grants, and DOE Grants

  • Jill Robidoux, Contract and Grant Specialist
    Assists the Section Manager in management and administration of Contracts and the associated responsibilities, acts as back-up to the Contract and Grant Specialists, and performs Contract Closeout processes.

All are responsible for the following tasks:

  • Assist Principal Investigators and Administrators in all aspects of pre-award activity.
  • Advise Principal Investigators and Administrators in proposal preparation.
  • Review proposals to ensure compliance with all applicable Federal regulations, SI and SAO policies and procedures, and sponsor requirements and guidelines.
  • Officially submit proposals to sponsors.
  • Negotiate and receive incoming contracts and grants to SAO.
  • Prepare Project Authorizations that authorize the commencement of the SAO effort, provide the SAO designated code for the project, and summarize the terms and conditions of all contracts and grants.
  • Submit proposals and correspondence related to contracts and grants to sponsors.
  • Participate in post-award management and administration.
  • Interface with sponsors on all contractual matters.
  • Prepare all contractual correspondence to the sponsors.
  • Advise Principal Investigators and Administrators on post-award management.
  • Maintain the official SAO record of all proposals, contracts, and grants, and prepare monthly reports detailing that information.
  • Ensure SAO is properly registered in all proposal submission and award administration electronic systems and provide guidance on those systems to the user community.

  • Christine McNeil, Staff Assistant

    • Receives, reviews, and processes all Monthly, Quarterly, Annual, and Final Technical Reports.
    • Enters all completed technical and financial reports into the PeopleSoft Grants Module.
    • Receives, reviews, and submits to sponsors all requests for foreign travel approvals, follows up with sponsors to ensure response, and advises appropriate project personnel when approvals are received so airline tickets may be issued.
    • Administratively assists the Contract and Grant Specialists.
    • Maintains and updates SPS web pages and SDF.
    • Reviews/approves SPP Department purchase requisitions and travel authorizations.
    • Reviews and assesses contract and grant files for completion and archiving consideration.

  • Casey Pulnik, Administrative Support Assistant

    • Administratively assists the Contract and Grant Specialists
    • Receives and distributes incoming mail and faxes.
    • Prepares and submits SPP Department time cards.
    • Prepares SPP Department purchase requisitions.
    • Prepares SPP Department travel authorizations.
    • Maintains contract and grant files.
    • Assists in preparing closed contract and grant files for sending to SI Archives.
    • Backs-up Staff Assistant.

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