Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory

The Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory (FLWO) is the largest field installation of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (SAO) outside Cambridge, MA. The site is on Mt. Hopkins, Arizona. The major instrument at the site is the MMT Observatory's 6.5-m diameter optical telescope. The current suite of FLWO telescopes includes a 1.2-m diameter imaging optical telescope; the 1.5-m Tillinghast optical spectroscopic telescope; the HAT (Hungarian-made Automated Telescope) array of five optical telescopes; the MINERVA array of four 70-cm optical telescopes; the MEarth array of eight 40-cm optical telescopes; the Micro Observatory for public education pursuits; the VERITAS array of four 12-m telescopes for gamma-ray astronomy; and the prototype Schwarzschild-Couder telescope for gamma-ray astronomy.

STAR STORIES -- The oral tradition of preserving memory through stories told about the night sky has preserved cultures as far back as the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Whipple Observatory and KGVY radio are reviving this tradition, and we want to know about your first, best, or most important interaction with the night sky to help us honor the connection between our dark sky communities and our amazing universe. (Click here to learn more.)

BUS TOURS of the Observatory are closed for 2019 due to road construction and will resume in March 2020.

A **NEW** walking tour of the Gamma-Ray telescopes is now open for reservations. Please book online at Eventbrite.

For an up-to-date calendar of events for FLWO, please visit our Facebook page.


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